To evangelize the Christ-like Christians to spearhead transformation in South Sudan.

Despite the fact that the Gospel reached Dinka Bor’s land in 1905 through missionaries with
their station in Malek, Christianity was not given enough opportunity to operate in the area till
late 60s. However, in 1970s and 80s, the gospel fully reached the people of Wernyol. Later in 1981, Wernyol was established as a court Centre till 1983 when it was promoted to Parish.
Following rapid growth of Christianity in the area; these subsequent sub parishes were opened:
Naidiit, Khiir, Ameer, Mabior.
Due to upsurge in number of Churches and congregations in the zone, Wernyol was promoted as
Deanery in 1990. However, the instability in the Country in 1991 disrupted the promotion of
Wernyol as Archdeaconry in early 1990s till 30 th of May, 1999 with Ven. Joseph Mabior Garang
as the Archdeacon.

Introduction and Geographical location

The Diocese of Wernyol (DOW) is one of the Episcopal/Anglican Dioceses in South Sudan.
DOW is situated in Twic North County of Jonglei State in South Sudan. The Diocese is bordering Duk County in the North, Pibor or Boma state in the East behind Jonglei canal, Kongor County in the South, and Eastern Lake State in the West behind River Nile. The Diocese’s headquarters is in Wernyol with St. Joseph as her Cathedral.